Troy Mannino, D.D.S. - The Woodlands Dentist

Troy Mannino, D.D.S.

Now serving at Made Ya Smile Dental in The Woodlands, TX, Dr. Troy Mannino is a board-certified dentist who has extensive experience in both private practice and community dentistry for over 28 years. After he received his BA in biology from Lamar University in 1984, Dr. Mannino attended the University of Texas dental branch in Houston, TX and graduated in 1988. He has spent most of his prestigious dental career in the Houston area, as well as three years in Indiana practicing dentistry. At Made Ya Smile Dental, Dr. Mannino speaks clinical Spanish to accommodate all patients for diagnostic and treatment purposes. Dr. Mannino is married to Marcela, a physician specializing in infectious diseases, and he has three boys, Anthony, Nicholas, and Leonardo. He enjoys time with his family and barbequing, in addition to reading and watching television about scientific topics.


"I've never had a more positive and informative experience than the one I had at MYS! I love this place and I won't go anywhere else. The facility is very clean and modern.  I can tell the team really cares and as a young adult I need all the guidance I can get and am very grateful to have their help."



"My husband and I both come to this location for our dental needs and they are always courteous and provide great care and service. My husband's whole mouth had to be redone and it looks Amazing. There are very few places that are even able to do the procedures that they can do at this location.  If you are looking for the cheapest option available and only want to use your coupons you might need to go somewhere else but if you want top quality work done, you need to come here."



"Had a wisdom tooth pulled today . Hardly no pain  and they respected my no sedation rule!"



"New job + new insurance = new dentist. My coworker has been going to this location for awhile now. Even after a root canal (awful procedure to go through anywhere!) she still recommended Made Ya Smile. Dr. Olsen is who she really wanted to send me to; however, he has recently moved to the Kingwood branch so I was/am being treated by Dr. Bonin. He is really quick to run in and out of your room.. and I kinda wish he would slow down and take another moment with me.. but his no-messing-around attitude does make for quick visits. First Visit: In January, I experienced a very sharp pain in the upper left of my mouth. Called in Friday 8 January to make an appointment. I asked for the earliest available and they able to have me in at 8:15am that following Monday. I was able to give my insurance information over the phone to have it verified before I even show up. Arrived bright and early and began filling out the new patient paperwork. I really like that the waiting area has both a sofa and tables -- instead of being uncomfortable writing in your lap, I was able to sit comfortable at a table to look over each page. Photos and x-rays were taken of the area causing concern. The attendant declared I would be needing a root canal and cap. Dr. Bonin came in and very very very quickly agreed. They offered me an appointment at 2 pm that same day! When I came back in, Dr. Bonin numbed me up with ease and I experience no pain through the procedure. My permanent cap placement was scheduled and the fitting for it was as easy as pie: no pain and they were able to get it right without needing much adjustment. The office took care of the issue I had called in about without bullsh**ing around and I really appreciated it. I made an appointment for a full cleaning, exam, and was able to use the check in offer for the teeth whitening***. Second Visit: Hygienist and attendant were both very friendly and efficient. The hygienist pointed out a crack on one of my teeth :( Dr. Bonin swooped in and very very very quickly agreed and recommended a cap be put on as soon as I could get it scheduled. Third Visit: Called in to schedule work on my cracked tooth and the young woman asked if I wanted to get my filling in the same sitting. I let her know that no one had gone over this treatment with me and so I would not be scheduling it. Once I had the attendant and Dr. Bonin in the room I asked them to cover EVERYTHING they saw in my mouth -- no matter how small! --and they did talk about the filling needed. I was a bit irked 'cause I thought I had asked for all the recommended treated my second visit. Whateves. Thankfully it wasn't anything too expensive or invasive. Right now I'm rockin' my temporary cap for the cracked tooth and am scheduled to go back 6 April. I am sure it will go smoothly like my previous visits. *** Check in offer for free whitening got me a do-it-yourself kit with mouth guards. I was instructed very tiny drops of the solution on the guards and the directions say to start with 15 minutes (rather than a full 30 minute session). I haven't really haven't seen a noticeable difference in my teeth and am kinda bummed. Will keep going with the treatments, though, and can update if anyone wants. Ps, NONE of the photos posted on here by Made Ya Smile look anything like the Woodlands Branch."



"Dr. Bonin and all the staff were fantastic. I'm a new patient, and I'm thrilled I switched. They took care of everything in one visit. They're all so friendly and helpful. I knew what was happening every step of the way. Highly recommend his practice."



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