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What Are Dentures?

Made Ya Smile Dental seeks to provide the best dental care by offering a range of dental solutions to match your goals and budget. Patients who are missing several teeth or an entire arch may find a great solution in partial or full dentures. Removable dentures help individuals restore their confidence and smile. With over three decades of experience, our dentists understand how to help patients overcome tooth loss with custom dentures that mimic the look and feel of real teeth. A partial denture fills a gap in the arch and uses the adjacent teeth for support while a full denture replaces an entire arch. If you are affected by tooth loss and believe a denture is a viable solution, contact our practice in The Woodlands, TX for a helpful consultation. 

What Are the Benefits Of Dentures?

If you are looking at your options for replacement teeth, dentures are often a sought-after option. There are a variety of benefits to getting a set of dentures. Some of these benefits include:

  • Easy to clean
  • Improved ability to speak
  • Improved ability to eat
  • Reduced chances of getting gum disease from missing teeth
  • Reduced risk of jawbone degradation
  • Maintain your facial shape
  • Increased self-confidence

Should I Get Dentures?

Partial or full dentures are an excellent option if you have lost several teeth or a full arch that needs to be replaced. Made Ya Smile Dental will do everything we can to protect the integrity of your natural teeth so they can support a partial denture. To be a candidate for full dentures, you must have healthy gums and adequate jaw contours as a proper foundation. Sometimes, our team will need to affix a series of implants so the dentures may fit comfortably and permanently. To decide which option is best for you, call our office to schedule a consultation with our practitioners. We will discuss the benefits of different types of dentures so we can meet your cosmetic and restorative dental goals. 

How Do Dentures Work?

Our restorative team at Made Ya Smile Dental begins by taking impressions of your lower and upper arches. If you have teeth that should be extracted, we can help you by giving you a temporary denture to help the site heal until the permanent one has been made. We work with a special laboratory that creates high-end, natural-looking dentures to match the look and feel of real teeth using either lightweight or metal material. For partial dentures, the lab will match the appliance to the shade of your enamel for a more aesthetic look. When they arrive at our office, we will help you place them, making sure they are secured firmly before providing you with aftercare instructions to follow at home. 

What Can I Expect After Getting Dentures?

After the dentures are in place, it may take some time before they begin to feel like a natural part of your smile. The practitioners at Made Ya Smile Dental can recommend using denture paste or another adhesive to keep a full denture from slipping or moving around. If you've chosen a partial denture, they can be retained through plastic or metal caps that attach to your natural teeth. Our team is happy to make small adjustments to enhance your comfort. 

It's essential that you brush your dentures after each meal with a denture brush or toothbrush and gentle toothpaste. Removable dentures should be soaked in water to prevent them from drying out while you sleep. We also encourage you to continue to visit our practice in The Woodlands, TX for regular checkups so our dentists can examine your teeth and gums, or check to see if your dentures need to be replaced or repaired. With the right care, this restoration can last for years. 

Are Dentures Covered by Insurance?

Made Ya Smile Dental will contact your dental insurance provider before we begin making your partial or full dentures to see how much of your treatment is covered. If you do not have insurance or expect to pay in part out-of-pocket, Made Ya Smile Dental will review some options with you, including flexible low-interest payments with a third-party partner. Because our team is dedicated to the oral health and wellness of our patients, we will work with you to make sure your treatment is within your budget. 

Dentures FAQ

Can I wear dentures at night?
It is technically okay to wear dentures at night; however, we do not suggest it. Your bone and gums need time to relax, and at night while you sleep is the perfect opportunity to do that. Additionally, we suggest cleaning and storing your false teeth in water overnight for proper denture care.

Does having dentures hurt?
Dentures can be a bit uncomfortable as you get used to wearing them. In time, though, you should get used to them. However, if they continue to cause irritation after a few weeks or more, give our office a call so we can help you decide what the cause of the discomfort is.

Are there any foods I can't eat with dentures?
It will take you a little bit to get used to eating with your new dentures, especially if they're a different type of denture than you're used to. Sticky and hard foods can prove especially challenging. However, as you get used to your new dentures, eating should become more natural. We do suggest that you avoid gum, however. Gum can stick to the dentures and cause discoloration and could even break the seal of the denture and create loose teeth.

Removable Tooth Replacement Options

Custom dentures can help patients restore the appearance and function of their smile, making them feel more confident in their everyday lives. If you live in the area of The Woodlands, TX, and you have lost several of your teeth, it's time to make a change with partial or full dentures. Made Ya Smile Dental has more than 30 years of experience making custom dentures to meet your goals and budget. To learn more about dentures and how they improve your smile, contact our team for a consultation. 

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