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What Are Dental Bridges?

Tooth loss affects more than just the appearance of your smile as it changes the way you eat, speak, and bite down. Not only that, losing a natural tooth causes the other teeth in your mouth to change, shift, or even become loose. At Made Ya Smile Dental, we hope to restore the missing tooth or teeth with a dental bridge. A bridge is a dental appliance that is made of two or more crowns and is attached to the teeth on either side of the space in your mouth. We provide custom-made bridges with a variety of high-end materials to fill in the gap and return your appearance and bite back to normal. To learn more about bridges and whether or not they're right for your oral health, contact our office in The Woodlands, TX and schedule a consultation with our experienced and knowledgeable dental group. 

What Are the Benefits Of A Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a tooth replacement option that supports dental restorations such as crowns. There are numerous benefits, both aesthetically and physically, of getting a dental bridge. Some of them include:

  • Rejuvenated smile
  • Prevent teeth from shifting
  • Restored speaking and eating ability
  • Maintain the shape of the face
  • Prevent deterioration of the jawbone

Is a Dental Bridge Right for Me?

Made Ya Smile Dental understands that gaps in the teeth not only take away your smile's aesthetic appeal, but they put your oral health at risk. Tooth loss also results in the loss of function, which means you won't be able to eat a variety of foods. If you have a missing tooth or missing teeth in a row, allow our dental team to provide a custom dental bridge. It is a restorative and cosmetic appliance that maintains the natural shape of your teeth and jaw, as well as brings back equal biting distribution in your mouth. 

Made Ya Smile Dental offers a variety of fixed and removable bridges, implant-supported bridges, or cantilever bridges to help support your dental health. Maryland-bonded bridges are another option made of either ceramic or porcelain fused to metal to match your enamel shade. Other times, our practitioners can make a bridge out of metal, like gold. 

Fixed bridges are made up of three or more crowns connected together, offering custom shading to match your teeth and don't rely on the neighboring teeth to work. The end of the bridge, or abutment, is attached over the teeth on either side of the open gap or with dental implants. The middle crown is the one that replaces the missing tooth. To understand if a dental bridge is right for your smile, schedule a personalized consultation with the team at Made Ya Smile Dental. 

How Are Dental Bridges Placed?

To prepare patients for a fixed bridge, Made Ya Smile Dental offers sedation options if you are feeling nervous or anxious about the procedure. We will administer local anesthetic to the area, then carefully remove some of the enamel from your teeth on either side of the open space so the bridge fits comfortably. Practitioners will then take an impression of your teeth to be forwarded to a special laboratory for fabrication, which normally takes 1 – 2 weeks. We will give you a temporary bridge to wear while your custom one is being created, which allows you to eat and speak normally in the meantime. When you return, Made Ya Smile Dental will place the permanent bridge to your dental implants or over the supporting teeth, then check the bite to ensure complete comfort. 

Removable bridges are also custom made in a special lab taken from the impressions of your teeth. These are made with plastic or metal clasps and doesn't require preparing the surrounding supportive teeth. Removable bridges can be placed, then taken out later for cleaning and care at home. 

How Can I Care for My Dental Bridge?

Made Ya Smile Dental recommends that patients do not eat or drink anything until the feeling in their lips, tongue, and cheeks have fully returned to avoid accidental damage to the soft tissue. You may feel sensitivity for several days following the bridge placement, which is normal. However, if the appliance becomes loose or damaged, contact our office in The Woodlands, TX right away so we can fix the issue. Keep in mind that if a temporary bridge becomes loose, your permanent bridge may not fit correctly either so please call our office if either becomes a problem. 

Brushing and flossing daily, as well as a regular oral care routine, are vital in preventing your teeth from developing cavities or decay. Our helpful team will show you how to effectively clean your new bridge, which can be a little different from taking care of your natural teeth. During your routine appointments, Made Ya Smile Dental will check your restoration and make sure it still fits properly. With the right care, bridges can last for a number of years. 

Will My Insurance Cover a Dental Bridge?

Bridges are a restorative treatment and may be covered under a dental insurance provider, depending on your individual plan. The staff at Made Ya Smile Dental accepts most PPO dental plans and will contact your provider to confirm your benefits. Bridges are a vital part of taking care of your teeth and overall oral health so we are happy to accept many flexible options for patients paying out-of-pocket, including convenient financing with CareCredit®.

Dental Bridges FAQ

How long will a dental bridge last?
When properly maintained with good oral hygiene, annual teeth cleanings, and exams, your dental bridge will last anywhere from 10 – 15 years or longer. Any form of preventive care will prolong your tooth replacement.

Can you eat as normal with a dental bridge?
Yes. Your dental bridge, whether it's a bridge for front teeth or back teeth, function and look like natural teeth. No drinks or food are off-limits.

How long does it take for a dental bridge to feel normal?
Most patients find it takes around two weeks to adjust to a dental bridge. Using toothpaste for sensitive teeth and avoiding hot and cold foods can help with pain or discomfort.

Restore Your Smile After Tooth Loss

Even if you are missing a single tooth, your oral health is impacted in a number of ways. At Made Ya Smile Dental, we help you restore the function and aesthetic appeal back to your teeth so you can have the confident smile you want. Without the right dental care, a missing tooth or teeth can cause more serious and extensive issues in the future. Get the smile solutions you need by contacting our practice in The Woodlands, TX for a quick consultation. 

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