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What Is Periodontal Treatment?

Made Ya Smile Dental proudly offers affordable, high-quality treatment for individuals suffering from periodontal (gum) disease at our friendly clinic in The Woodlands, TX. Gum disease is a serious issue caused by bacteria breaking down the tissues of the gums and bone. This causes your natural teeth to become mobilized or loose in your mouth, requiring extraction. While a regular oral care program at home can help prevent these effects, patients may still develop the disease and need special care to restore their smile. 

When bacteria combine with food particles and plaque, they form into a coating called biofilm over the teeth and gums. The general dentists at Made Ya Smile Dental work to remove this biofilm with our state-of-the-art tools that can reach below the gumline, as well as plaque and tartar that can't necessarily be cleaned away at home. We will be able to identify any areas of concern and create a treatment plan with surgical or nonsurgical means with a consultation in our office. 

Patients with symptoms, such as bleeding or red gums, swollen gums, or gums that have receded are typical of gum disease. If you notice any of these symptoms or have a case of chronic bad breath that can't be cured with normal brushing and flossing, contact our practice in The Woodlands, TX so we can address the infection and minimize the damage to your mouth and teeth. 

What Are the Benefits of Periodontal Treatment?

At Made Ya Smile The Woodlands, TX, periodontal therapy provides a number of benefits designed to improve gum health and overall wellness. Some of the benefits benefits of gum therapy at our The Woodlands, TX office include:

  • Rebuilds and sustains the wellness of the gums, diminishing inflammation and bleeding
  • Stops tooth loss by strengthening the supporting structures of the teeth
  • Improves the look of the gums and teeth, resulting in a more confident smile
  • Reduces foul breath frequently triggered by gum infirmities
  • Reduces the risk of certain diseases associated with periodontal disease, such as diabetes and heart disease
  • Early therapy can prevent more complicated and expensive procedures in the future
  • Cleans out periodontal pockets

Who Is a Candidate for Gum Disease Treatment?

The skilled team at Made Ya Smile Dental examines patients for gum disease during their annual examination and biannual cleanings at our office in The Woodlands, TX. While gum disease is common, it can lead to more serious conditions if not treated right away, including heart disease and diabetes. Candidates who should be assessed for gum disease may experience symptoms, such as bleeding or swollen gums, tenderness of the gums, chronic bad breath, and a receding gumline. If the case is more advanced, you may even have tooth and bone loss, or tooth mobility. Patients with these symptoms need to schedule an appointment at our clinic as soon as possible for consultation and treatment. 

What Is the Gum Disease Treatment Process?

The three stages of gum disease are gingivitis, periodontitis, and advanced periodontitis, all characterized by the severity of your symptoms. Depending on the state of your condition, Made Ya Smile Dental may suggest a surgical or nonsurgical treatment at our office in The Woodlands, TX. Gingivitis can actually be reversed with frequent cleanings and an excellent oral care plan at home while periodontitis may require localized antibiotics and scaling and root planing (SRP). With more advanced periodontitis, our team may use a surgical approach to prevent further tooth and bone loss. 

To plan your course of treatment, our practitioners will take low-radiation digital x-rays of your mouth, teeth, and jaw to determine the amount of bone that supports your teeth. We also carefully measure the space between your teeth and gums, also known as the periodontal pockets, where bacteria cause the most damage. With these readings, our doctors will understand how far your condition has progressed and how our team can meet your unique needs. 

What Can I Expect After Periodontal Care?

The recovery phase looks different for each patient, depending on the treatment they received, as well as the condition of their teeth and gums. Made Ya Smile Dental will make recommendations about how to clean and care for your mouth moving forward, including techniques for brushing and flossing. Patients who smoke or use tobacco should quit immediately as this can prevent your mouth from healing properly and increase your risk of getting oral cancer. After treatment, our general dentists may suggest that you get periodontal maintenance every 3 – 4 months for regular examinations and deep cleanings of the teeth and gums. This will help you manage your overall oral health and wellness. 

Does Insurance Cover Gum Disease Treatment?

Most traditional dental insurance plans will cover the costs for gum disease treatment, depending on your specific plan and benefits. Made Ya Smile Dental accepts most PPO plans and our staff will make sure to call your provider to ensure your coverage, benefits, and out-of-pocket costs, then review everything with you before your treatment. To continue to make your dental care affordable, we proudly offer several flexible payment options, including CareCredit® low-interest loans. 

Periodontal Treatment FAQ

Does periodontal treatment hurt?
At Made Ya Smile in The Woodlands, TX, it is our goal to help you remain as comfortable as possible while you are in our care. During your treatment for gingivitis or periodontal disease, we will start by numbing your treatment area. Additionally, if you have a strong gag reflex, low pain tolerance, or a dental fear, sedation options may be available.

Can gum disease be cured?
Gum disease is a progressive disease. This means the disease cannot be cured — however, we can manage the symptoms and prevent the disease from worsening. Our team of dental experts are determined to help you maximize the health of your gums and teeth.

What happens if my periodontal disease progresses?
If untreated, peridontal disease can breakdown your teeth and lead to bone loss. This is why treatment for perodontitis is vitial. Treatment is the only way to prevent further disease and optimize your oral health.

Gingivitis and Periodontitis Treatments

While gum disease is common, the effects can be serious if left untreated, ultimately leading to tooth and bone loss, as well as jawbone deterioration. The practitioners at Made Ya Smile Dental have more than 30 years of experience detecting gum disease early and offering the right custom treatment plan for patients. If you would like to be screened for periodontal disease in our local community in The Woodlands, TX, call our friendly practice for an appointment. 

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