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What is Gum Contouring?

For some patients, they may get embarrassed or self-conscious over the appearance of their teeth, like having a smile that seems too "gummy." Gum contouring, or crown lengthening, is a service provided by the dental staff at Made Ya Smile Dental as part of our full-service practice. In this cosmetic procedure, we lift, reshape, and sculpt the gum tissues to improve the aesthetics of your smile and expose more of the tooth enamel. This also helps to create a more proportionate, balanced smile while also reducing the space for harmful bacteria to grow. If you would like to learn more about gum contouring at our clinic in The Woodlands, TX, contact us to reserve your appointment. 

Who Might be a Candidate for Gum Contouring?

When gum tissues cover too much of a tooth's enamel, the teeth tend to appear shorter, creating a gummy look. Gum contouring gently removes the excess tissue and sculpts the gumline so the teeth are framed more proportionately. While gum contouring is a cosmetic procedure, it can also serve a functional purpose. At times, gum tissue may cover a decayed or damaged tooth, which makes it difficult for a doctor to treat properly. Gum contouring can remove the gum and bone tissue to expose more of the tooth's structure so Made Ya Smile Dental can place a restoration, such as a bridge or crown. Gum contouring is a treatment for patients with excess gum tissue for cosmetic purposes or is interfering with a damaged tooth. This may be caused by:

  • Overgrown gums ("gummy smile")
  • An uneven gumline
  • Gum inflammation
  • Medications or certain genetic conditions
  • Damaged teeth
  • Decayed teeth

What Should I Know about Gum Contouring?

Made Ya Smile Dental has skilled dentists who are trained in gum contouring for cosmetic or functional purposes to restore your smile back to health. To begin the procedure, we will offer some sedation options in case you feel anxious about visiting the dentist to make you feel more comfortable. After completely numbing the area, we will remove the excess tissue and reshape the gumline around the teeth. If the treatment is being completed for the future placement of a restoration, we will reduce the gum and bone tissue in that specific area. The result ultimately improves the ratio of gum to enamel to give you a more beautiful, confident smile. Most patients will be able to complete the treatment in just one visit. 

How Long is the Recovery After Gum Contouring?

After the treatment, you may notice some discomfort in the gums, which is normal for most patients and can be relieved with nonprescription pain relievers. Made Ya Smile Dental will offer instructions for taking care of your teeth during the healing process following your appointment, including brushing and flossing techniques to keep bacteria from entering the gums. Continue to schedule regular examinations at our clinic in The Woodlands, TX so we can continue to assess your recovery and address any further issues. 

Will Insurance Pay For Gum Contouring?

Dental health insurance plans may cover your gum contouring procedure, depending on your reason for receiving the treatment. Made Ya Smile Dental hopes to make your dental care affordable for you and your family so we will call your provider before the treatment to review your coverage and costs. If you do not have dental insurance, our staff offers easy payment plan options with our low-interest financing partner, CareCredit®.

Gum Contouring

Whether you need a gum contouring procedure for aesthetic or functional purposes, Made Ya Smile Dental specializes in this treatment for a healthier, more even-looking grin. Balance out a gummy smile or remove excess tissue for the easier placement of a future restoration, such as a dental crown or bridge. It's time to improve your oral health so learn more information on gum contouring at our practice in The Woodlands, TX by calling the friendly staff at Made Ya Smile Dental today. 

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