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What Is 3D Oral Imaging?

To optimize your oral health, Made Ya Smile Dental uses advanced technology and tools, such as a 3D dental scan at our practice. 3D images give our dentists a full view of your skull, jaw, face, teeth, and other structures so we can easily detect and diagnose any dental issues quickly and accurately. While traditional x-rays are great for many situations, they only give us a two-dimensional look at your teeth. 3D imaging helps our practitioners see your mouth in even greater detail to see issues, such as bone loss or tooth decay. 

Made Ya Smile Dental wants to be able to treat patients as early as possible so they can avoid extensive and costly dental care in the future. This is why we use 3D scans in The Woodlands, TX, to make informed decisions about your health. This includes dental implant placements and restorations, full-mouth reconstruction, and other treatments. To learn more information about this service, visit our clinic in The Woodlands, TX. 

What Are The Benefits Of 3D Dental Imaging?

A 3D teeth imaging scan allows dentists to view a patient's dental anatomy from various angles. This is very helpful when dentists need to get a better understanding of bone structures or to help locate root and canal fractures. If you need to get a dental scan and need to find a dental clinic near you, we can help. A 3D image scan is a great tool when confirming a dental diagnosis and creating a treatment plan, as they provide an accurate view of anatomical structures. 3D imaging is an advanced tool that helps our dentists provide the best dental care possible to all of our patients.

Who Is a Candidate for 3D Oral Scans?

To make your dental treatment more efficient, Made Ya Smile Dental uses a 3D dental scan in the Woodlands, TX, when diagnosing any issues at our office in The Woodlands, TX. This effective, low-radiation tool makes the process more streamlined by giving our team a holistic view of your head, mouth, and jaw. Our doctors can also use 3D scans to determine jaw development and see whether or not orthodontic treatment is achieving the desired results. More than that, 3D imaging can be used for patients who need dental implants, root canal therapy, and planning for TMJ disorders, as well as patients who have suffered facial trauma. Made Ya Smile Dental believes this technology contributes to the ultimate oral health and wellness of our patients.

How Does 3D Oral Imaging Work?

The practitioners at Made Ya Smile Dental use 3D imaging as part of a comprehensive dental exam, biannual cleaning, or if our team is planning a specific procedure. 3D scans are an effective and comfortable treatment, feeling no different than a normal dental x-ray. At your scheduled appointment, Made Ya Smile Dental will first position you in front of the machine, where it will take a 360-degree rotation around your head. This technology will capture images of your mouth and facial structure as it moves, taking less than 40 seconds in total. The digital images are then sent immediately to your medical file, as well as our software, where you and a general dentist will review the results. Because we use a small amount of radiation during this procedure, we ask that you inform us if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant beforehand so we may take a few safety precautions. 

What Happens After the 3D Imaging Process?

Made Ya Smile Dental makes your overall oral health and wellness our first priority, which means providing the latest technologies to diagnose issues, such as cavities and tooth decay. The frequency of these scans is based on your current needs and health conditions. This scanning tool helps us get more detailed information about your mouth, teeth, and jaws at our clinic in The Woodlands, TX. A dental scan in The Woodlands, TX, also helps our practitioners create a custom treatment plan to restore your teeth to health.

Does Insurance Cover 3D Dental Imaging?

3D oral imaging is a tool used during your comprehensive dental exam, which is normally covered by a dental insurance plan. This is because the images can be used to discover dental problems before they become a more costly issue in the future. Made Ya Smile Dental accepts most PPO insurance plans and will contact your provider to review your coverage and benefits. For those with out-of-pocket costs, we accept several options for payment, including financing with CareCredit®.

3D Oral Imaging FAQ

How is 3D oral imaging utilized?
A dental scan in The Woodlands, TX, is utilized for a variety of reasons. A 3D dental scan shows a comprehensive look into your mouth, meaning that it is helpful for procedures like implant placement, sleep apnea treatment, root canal therapy, tooth extractions, and more. Contact our dental team if you have additional questions about how a 3D dental scan can help you.

Does a 3D dental scan in The Woodlands hurt? 
No, 3D imaging should not hurt. It is preferred over traditional x-rays because the results are more effective, the procedure only takes around 10 minutes or so, and it is usually more comfortable. Talk to our team to learn more about your dental scan in The Woodlands, TX.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for 3D oral imaging?
Right before your 3D imaging, you may be asked to remove earrings, glasses, metal hairpins, or hearing aids. This could interfere with imaging. But otherwise, you won't have to do anything specific to prepare. If you happen to be pregnant or nursing, you should let us know so that we can take extra precautions.

Should I be worried about radiation exposure from a dental scan in The Woodlands, TX?
The radiation exposure you receive from a dental scan in The Woodlands, TX, is minimal. Our team is extremely careful when conducting your scans and will only recommend this type of imaging when it is extremely necessary. If you have questions about radiation exposure, talk to our dentist in The Woodlands, TX.

State-of-the-Art Dental Technology

3D imaging in The Woodlands, TX, is an excellent way to understand and diagnose any dental issues, such as tooth pain, that you are experiencing in The Woodlands, TX. Made Ya Smile Dental uses advanced cone imaging as a safe, effective way to gain a better perspective about your overall oral health. With this state-of-the-art technology, we are able to quickly understand concerns in the teeth, jaw, and bone so we can make a custom treatment plan at our clinic. To find out more information on 3D oral imaging, schedule an appointment with the experts at our clinics right away. 

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