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At Made Ya Smile, we offer an array of general and preventive dental services for the overall health and functionality of your smile. Through comprehensive dental exams and oral cancer screenings, our skilled general dentists in The Woodlands, TX, are able to catch any issues early on before they develop further. We look forward to providing innovative dental care for your whole family!

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Made Ya Smile performs dental exams yearly to ensure your overall oral health and identify oral cancer, tooth decay, and other potential issues.

Our dentists use digital x-rays to assess patients for a range of issues, like bone loss and tooth decay, which are not always obvious on the surface.

Twice-yearly cleanings improve your smile and overall oral health by removing damaging bacteria, tartar, and plaque from the surfaces of your teeth.

Our dentists in The Woodlands, TX use 3D oral imaging to obtain a highly detailed evaluation of your teeth, jawbones, and oral tissues.

Our team provides dental sealants to protect your teeth against the formation of cavities by sealing the pits and grooves where decay often collects.

Annual fluoride treatments help strengthen teeth and enamel, allowing dentists to protect against cavities and tooth decay for patients of every age.

Simple or surgical tooth extraction involves the practice of removing severely decayed or destroyed teeth to improve a patient's overall oral health.

If you grind your teeth at night (a condition called bruxism), you can prevent future damage to your teeth with personalized night guard appliances.

Athletic mouth guards are custom-made in The Woodlands, TX, and serve to protect the teeth and gums when playing contact and non-contact sports.

Patients with severely broken or knocked-out teeth can schedule an appointment right away to begin correcting the damage and help manage the pain.

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