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What is Home Teeth Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening solutions can give your confidence a boost by enhancing the look of your smile. The expert practitioners at Made Ya Smile Dental want to help you reach your cosmetic goals with a simple kit you can easily use at home. These home kits are perfect for patients who have tried teeth whitening solutions from drugstores, such as rinses, pastes, and strips, but did not get the solutions they wanted, resulting in a waste of their time and money. Instead, our practice offers professional-grade teeth whitening gels to gradually whiten your smile. You can also use this as an option if you've received a laser whitening treatment at our office in The Woodlands, TX and want to maintain your results for longer. Made Ya Smile Dental creates a custom treatment plan from the molds of your teeth. When you're ready to brighten up your smile, contact our staff for a quick consultation. 

Am I a Candidate for Home Teeth Whitening?

When patients want to conveniently whiten their teeth in their own time but commercial products don't quite cut it, the dentists at Made Ya Smile Dental can help. We are pleased to offer our community a custom teeth whitening kit to meet your unique needs and goals. The best candidates for these kits have teeth that are discolored due to aging, tobacco products, staining foods, or drinks, such as wine, tea, or coffee. Now you can achieve the look you want by lightening your teeth by several shades in the comfort of your home. 

How Does Home Teeth Whitening Work?

First, patients should know that this procedure works best when your teeth and gums are completely healthy and free of cavities, infection, or decay. During your initial consultation, Made Ya Smile Dental will help you decide if teeth whitening is the right option for you with a thorough examination of your mouth. Our team may suggest getting your teeth professionally cleaned before beginning the treatment at home to eliminate any lingering tartar and plaque. Custom kits consist of whitening trays and prescription whitening gels, and we can help determine the strength of the gels based on your starting enamel shade. To make the trays, Made Ya Smile Dental takes an impression of your teeth and creates molds using a soft, clear material. After making sure the trays fit comfortably, we will provide you with instructions about how much solution to use, when to use the gel, and how to keep the trays clean after use.

What to Expect After Home Teeth Whitening

The results you see from your home teeth whitening kit depend on a few factors, such as how frequently you use the kit, the shade of your teeth, and the strength of the teeth whitening solution. Staining foods and drinks may affect the end results so we suggest avoiding them until you have finished the treatment. Our general dentists can teach you how to take care of your teeth at home to make sure the results last for as long as possible. During your regular exams, we can examine the teeth and provide more whitening gel if you would like to continue the treatments or touch up your teeth at home. You are always free to contact our office in The Woodlands, TX if you have any questions or concerns about applying the treatment at home. 

Will Insurance Pay for Home Teeth Whitening?

Cosmetic procedures are not traditionally covered by dental health insurance, but the friendly staff at Made Ya Smile Dental can contact your provider to confirm your benefits and coverage. Our office accepts a number of payment options for your convenience, including low-interest financing with CareCredit®. We will make sure to go over your treatment costs during the consultation process and help you find an affordable solution so you can stay within your budget. 

About Home Teeth Whitening

When drugstore products don't give you the results you want, a home teeth whitening kit could be the ultimate solution you're looking for in The Woodlands, TX. Simply visit our clinic, and we can review your options for brightening your smile with professional-strength teeth whitening gels and custom trays fit just for you. To learn more about the process, or to schedule an appointment, contact us at our practice.

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