What’s the Difference Between Lumineers® and Porcelain Veneers?

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Our dentists at Made Ya Smile of The Woodlands, TX are excited to provide Lumineers® and porcelain veneers to our patients. These two cosmetic dentistry procedures are effective in correcting your smile and covering up various imperfections, from discoloration to chips and cracks. These can last for years and produce a natural look that fits your life.

These two solutions provide outstanding results, but you might be curious about what makes these two different. Here’s a closer look at how these solutions differ from one another and what you can expect from these choices, including how they work and look after receiving each is installed.

How big are the appliances?

The most prominent difference between these two is that porcelain veneers are thicker than Lumineers. Porcelain veneers are about 0.5 mm thick on average, providing enough coverage over your tooth.

Lumineers are about 0.3 mm thick. They are easier to apply to your teeth, but their thinner bodies produce a slightly translucent appearance. Our dentists at Made Ya Smile can help determine which choice is better over whatever needs you have for your smile.

How is each appliance applied?

These two are also applied over the front part of your teeth with a bonding agent heated with a curing light. But Lumineers do not require as much preparation and do not require any pieces of your teeth to be trimmed.

A dentist will install a porcelain veneer by trimming off part of the enamel from the front of the tooth to allow the veneer to fit. The thinner design of a Lumineer allows the dentist to apply it to the surface without trimming any enamel.

Both of these solutions require an impression that reviews the shape of your teeth and identifies how well the application process can work. The veneer will receive a shape that fits well and blends with the rest of your natural teeth. Our team approach at Made Ya Smile of The Woodlands, TX can help you see how well your veneers can work. We can complete a simple review of your teeth and identify how well the veneer will work for your smile.

Can these appliances be removed?

Lumineers are semi permanent, while porcelain veneers are permanent. The thinner design of a Lumineer makes it easier to remove without risking harm to your natural teeth.

A porcelain veneer requires more effort for installation and will remain on your teeth indefinitely. It can be replaced if cracked or damaged in some form, but the process may require further work on your teeth and a replacement of the veneer.

These two options are equally durable and they can last for about ten to twenty years on average. Proper dental care and maintenance are necessary for ensuring your veneers stay in good condition without risking possible harm.

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You can reach our dentists at Made Ya Smile of The Woodlands, TX if you’re looking for porcelain veneers or Lumineers to improve your smile. These two solutions offer different approaches for treatment, but they can both produce a quality result that you will love. Contact us online today to learn more about the various dental services we offer.

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