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At Made Ya Smile, we believe everyone in The Woodlands deserves a beautiful smile. If you aren’t happy with the state of your teeth and have multiple cosmetic dental issues that need to be addressed, a smile makeover may be the right solution for you. During your consultation with the dentists at Made Ya Smile of The Woodlands, TX, we’ll create a customized treatment plan for a smile makeover that addresses all of your cosmetic dental concerns.

Here are some of the procedures our team approach supports through a smile makeover.

Professional teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening can remove years of stains from your teeth. We offer a laser-based teeth whitening solution where we can apply hydrogen peroxide over your teeth and use a laser that releases the peroxide into the dental structure, helping remove even the toughest of stains.

At Made Ya Smile, we also offer a home whitening system that uses a prescription-based treatment plan and trays you can use yourself. Our at-home solution is more effective than over-the-counter whitening treatments because we use stronger peroxide materials and dental trays that apply the whitening materials over your teeth well.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are outstanding restorative dental solutions that cover discolored spots, chips, noticeable cracks, and other imperfections on your teeth. Our dentists can analyze your tooth and produce a porcelain veneer, shaped and colored to perfectly fit over a tooth. A veneer requires a minimal amount of enamel trimming to help it stay in place, but you can also require a Lumineer® veneer that is thinner and does not require enamel trimming.

Dental bonding and contouring

Our experts at Made Ya Smile of The Woodlands also provide dental bonding and contouring services. Dental bonding uses a resin material that seals gaps in between the teeth or restores teeth that are shorter than others, while contouring entails reshaping the dental edges to make them look smoother, plus it can shorten teeth that are longer than others. These solutions restore your smile and produce a healthier bite, as you’re not adjusting your bite to make up for any faults.

Invisalign® aligners

Patients with orthodontic needs can really benefit from Invisalign aligners for correcting the alignment of their teeth in less than the time of traditional braces. Invisalign aligners are shaped to snugly fit over the teeth and will produce gentle pressure to help the teeth move in the correct positions. These aligners can fix bite and smile issues, including problems relating to overcrowding, spaces between the teeth, and slightly crooked spots.

Dental crowns, bridges, and implants

You may also require a dental crown, bridge, or implant if you have a decayed or missing tooth. These restorative solutions can produce realistic-looking teeth that fit in spaces where your natural teeth are missing or otherwise worn. We can shape these materials to fit with the rest of your teeth, plus we can color them to ensure they don’t stand out too much.

Contact us today to learn how you can benefit from a smile makeover

A smile makeover will produce an exciting look for your smile that helps you feel your best. Our dental services at Made Ya Smile of The Woodlands can fix a multitude of dental problems while also giving your smile a much-needed confidence boost. Contact us today to schedule an appointment where you can learn more about how we can serve your smile needs.

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