It’s Important To Practice Healthy Dental Habits This Halloween

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Halloween is around the corner and so are the opportunities to have fun and enjoy the sweets and treats of the season. But consuming too many sweets can also be dangerous to your teeth. Our skilled dental team at Made Ya Smile of The Woodlands, TX recommends you follow a few dental health pointers to keep your teeth healthy and safe this Halloween season.

Regular brushing is essential

Brushing your teeth twice daily is critical to your dental health and is more important during Halloween. Since you’ll come in contact with many candies and treats, you will likely take in more sugar than usual. Excess sugar consumption can be harmful, as it can trigger acid production that can harm your teeth. Brushing your teeth after eating candy helps keep those acids from sticking around.

Keep healthy snacks in mind

While candies are often great snacks during Halloween, you don’t want to overdo it on these foods. A better idea is to enjoy hard fruits or vegetables that don’t contain lots of sugar. Many of these foods can also help dislodge sugars and other sticky items from your teeth, keeping them from sticking around and causing possible harm.

Regular water consumption is important

The next tip we recommend at Made Ya Smile is to consume more water. Regular water consumption keeps you full and prevents you from having too much candy in one sitting. Water can also clear out bacteria and other items in your mouth before they can stick to your teeth. Fluoridated water helps because it acts as a cavity fighter and can strengthen your teeth.

Watch for the candies you eat

Be careful when looking at the candies you eat during the season. Hard or sticky candies are the most harmful, as they are harder to clean off your teeth than other items. These candies can also add undue stress to your teeth, making it easier for them to become loose or break. Foods that stick in your mouth longer are also harmful, as the sugars in those candies will more likely enter the gums. Avoid candies like lollipops or sugary gums that might hurt your teeth.

One idea to consider involves sugar-free candies, including sugar-free gum. Many sugar-free products can rinse your mouth and stimulate saliva production, helping keep bacteria from forming and causing plaque.

For cases where you still want to eat candies that might hurt your teeth, we recommend enjoying your candies one at a time. Don’t eat lots of sweets all at once, as rushing through lots of them before you become full can be harmful. Instead, reserve them as a treat for after a meal. Don’t forget to brush your teeth after you finish your candy.

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