Indications That You Must Visit a Dental Team for a Crown

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Experiencing tooth pain could harm your oral wellness and be caused by certain problems. At an oral exam at Made Ya Smile The Woodlands, TX, our The Woodlands, TX staff will look at your enamel and gums to decide if you require a dental crown. A custom crown is used if there is decay and there isn’t a sufficient amount of tooth remaining for it to function adequately. Additionally, crowns could cover a cracked tooth, following endodontic therapy, and to top off dental implants. Custom crowns defend the leftover part of a tooth from getting damaged and keep your bite intact.

What are dental crowns?

Securing a dental crown calls for at least two visits to our The Woodlands, TX dental care practice. At your first session, our team will take 3D scans of your mouth and assess the tooth being treated and the surrounding teeth to ensure you have sufficient bone tissue to keep the crown in its place. If we identify severe cavities, we may perform a root canal. When your exam is over, our team will take an impression of your tooth so that a custom-made crown can be fitted for excellent placement. An interim crown is created and fitted until you come back for your last visit. A member of our team will then take off your temporary crown, clean your tooth, and put your crown in place during this visit.

Cases that might need a crown

Our dentists help The Woodlands, TX individuals at Made Ya Smile The Woodlands, TX discover if a customized crown is beneficial for their dental wellness. There are many potential signs that you may require a crown, such as:

  • Fracturing the enamel
  • Requiring a dental bridge
  • Teeth clenching
  • Noticing a severe cavity

How long will it be until I need my crowns replaced?

Crowns don’t last forever since they will break down over time. However, when you utilize adequate dental hygiene, crowns may last many years. To enable your restoration to last, it must fit comfortably, which is why our experts perform an x-ray during your following visit. A suitable at-home oral health regimen comprising regular brushing and flossing, comprehensive dental evaluations, and biannual cleanings could allow your crown to last for as long as two decades.

Learn the ways a dental crown works to improve your oral wellness

Taking control of your dental health is the primary step to having a brighter, more luminous smile. At Made Ya Smile The Woodlands, TX, our team provides patients with crowns for many kinds of needs. After an oral checkup, we will find out if a crown may improve your overall health. To set up a consultation and discover if you could benefit from a crown, get in touch with our dental office in The Woodlands, TX at your earliest convenience.

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