How To Tell If You Are Having a Dental Emergency

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Sometimes you might notice a slight pain in your teeth that goes away after a few moments. But what happens if that pain persists, or you notice something else unusual in your mouth? You may be experiencing a dental emergency that requires immediate care, so you’ll need to contact a dentist right away to get the proper care so your problem doesn’t get worse. Our experts at Made Ya Smile of The Woodlands, TX will be there to help you with your emergency dental needs.

A dental emergency can occur at any moment and involve various concerns that will threaten your smile and possibly your health. Here are some situations that suggest you may require emergency dental help.

Sudden tooth loss

Any situation where you lose your dental tissue is a dental emergency, whether a tooth is entirely knocked out or part of a tooth has broken off and fallen from your mouth. We can provide details on how to preserve your tooth before getting to our office for emergency treatment.

Loose crowns and other restorations

Another emergency involves when a crown, bridge, or even an implant becomes loose. A loose restoration will expose worn dental tissue or excess gum tissues, making it easier for decay to occur in those spots.

Consistent dental pain

Dental pain can have various causes, including an abscessed tooth to erupting wisdom teeth to a crack inside your tooth. These pains can linger for a while and will become worse if left untreated or if you apply pressure to the area. Our dentists at Made Ya Smile of The Woodlands will complete a digital x-ray of your smile to see what and where the problem is and find a way to fix the issue.

Swelling in the area

Dental swelling can occur from an infection, which requires immediate care from an emergency dentist. An untreated concern can lead to tooth loss, plus the infection could enter your bloodstream and trigger further issues. We can complete a 3D oral scan to review your smile and determine if the infection and swelling have spread to other areas around the head and neck.

Sudden bleeding

You may notice sudden bleeding in your teeth and gums if a blood vessel is cut or there’s a slight break in a tooth. We can check your smile and determine the cause of your bleeding and find a way to fix the problem.

Trauma to the mouth

Many of our patients experience dental trauma from various mouth injuries caused by vehicular accidents, abuse or violence in the home, workplace injuries, or sports mishaps. Anything that produces intense pressure or stress on the mouth can cause the teeth or jaw to break. We can treat your dental emergency after you experience trauma, but we recommend you resolve any more significant medical concerns before consulting us for help.

Contact us for help when you require emergency dental care in Woodlands, TX

It is scary to think about a possible dental emergency, but a professional dentist can help resolve your problem and preserve your smile. You can contact our team at Made Ya Smile of The Woodlands for support if you ever require assistance. Visit our website today to learn more about our work and contact us if you have an emergency.

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