Habits to Practice If You See Periodontal Bleeding

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If you've noticed a small bit of blood in your sink after brushing your teeth, you could believe it's a minor issue and leave it alone. Cases such as bad brushing techniques, being pregnant, trauma, and inflamed gums can cause bleeding gums. It may also be a symptom of gum disease. To determine the source of your periodontal bleeding and select the best procedure, reach out to our dental practitioners at Made Ya Smile The Woodlands, TX. In the event that you have bloody or inflamed gums, call our The Woodlands, TX office to book a gum assessment with one of our highly trained dentists.

How to stop gumline bleeding

Bleeding from the gumline after you brush your teeth could be a sign of a hidden problem. Discolored, tender, and swollen gum tissues could be caused by periodontal disease, forming due to improper tartar elimination or inadequate dental hygiene practices. Uncovering the issue behind bleeding gums with a dental specialist is important when determining which treatment is essential. In the meantime, we will discuss several helpful ways to stop bleeding from the gums from our highly trained professionals at Made Ya Smile The Woodlands, TX.

  • Opt for minimal carbohydrates and sugary desserts: Studies have shown that reducing your carbohydrate ingestion can likewise reduce your risk for periodontitis and elevate your dental wellness. Sugary treats and carbs lead to the accumulation of microbes and tartar in the mouth.
  • Practice proper dental hygiene: If you don't clean your teeth twice a day, tartar can accumulate near the teeth and gumline. When buildup is not cleared away, it eventually could result in bleeding gum tissues, gum disease, or cavities.
  • Raise your intake of vitamin K and C: Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that reinforces internal ligaments and defends your gumline, while vitamin K is a critical nutrient that enables your blood to congeal. If you are low on either one, you can eat certain types of fruits and vegetables containing these natural vitamins or take supplements.
  • Use warm salted water or hydrogen peroxide: In the event that bleeding gums are caused by an injury to the mouth, clearing the blood away using room temperature salted water can remove harmful bacteria to minimize your odds of getting a mouth abscess. You can also consider cleansing with hydrogen peroxide after brushing. However, it's crucial to not swallow.
  • Cease using tobacco products: Using tobacco products both heightens your odds of heart disease, stroke, and cancer and has also been linked to gum disease. Smoking cigarettes may hinder your body's immune system, which makes it more difficult to safeguard from plaque in your mouth and result in periodontal disease.

Contact our team if you need to see a dentist or periodontist in The Woodlands, TX

People should see a dentist if their gum health doesn't get better after one or two weeks of using these at-home techniques. Patients may require an oral checkup and teeth cleaning to remove tartar to let their gum tissues get better. At Made Ya Smile The Woodlands, TX, we perform professional dental cleanings, periodontal therapies, and scaling and root planing therapy for patients with bloody gum tissues or gum disease. For more, contact our professionals or arrange a gum evaluation at our The Woodlands, TX facility.

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