Come in for a Back-to-School Oral Exam for Students

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Dental exams are crucial for kids since they can consume sugar-based foods and beverages and may not typically follow good cleaning methods. In addition, a back-to-school oral exam may help defend against problems before they take hold. The CDC states that over half of children aged 6 to 8 have suffered from tooth decay in their baby (primary) teeth. However, that figure is slightly higher for teenagers 12 – 19 years. By scheduling a back-to-school exam, our expert team will locate and rectify these issues before they result in further damage. Reach out to our team at Made Ya Smile The Woodlands, TX in The Woodlands, TX today!

Concerns our professionals are looking for

Our compassionate, attentive staff will begin by discussing your child's overall history and review any concerns that could be leading to pain. Then, they'll provide a thorough evaluation for many harmful tooth concerns. We will then assess the condition of your gumline, as well as the threat of gum disease. We may also assess the quality of each tooth to detect any cavities or structural issues like cracks.

Our dental practitioners will also use a comprehensive outlook, evaluating your oral structures as a whole to produce proper dental alignment, room between teeth, and correct jawbone mechanics. Additionally, if necessary, they will take a series of detailed x-rays to identify any hard-to-find issues in the "hidden" areas between and at the roots of the teeth.

Reasons why it's important to take your child to a back-to-school dental exam

Cavities are one of the most popular dental conditions for kids of varying ages. If ignored, it may indicate the beginning of more severe issues later on. Our professionals will assess the health of your kid's teeth to learn if your oral structures are progressing well to produce a bright smile and appropriate tooth spacing and jaw alignment. Additionally, enamel decay can form and progress fast and frequently without a few obvious signs. Due to this, these yearly appointments are advised to limit discomfort, problems chewing, and talking complications in the future. If you bring your young one to our practice for a back-to-school checkup, our talented dental team can also provide other worthwhile procedures, including a dental cleaning.

Don’t wait, set up a dental exam today and shake off the school time rush

A robust kid is likelier to feel more upbeat, more outgoing, more enthusiastic about their schoolwork, and less likely to miss classes. To get a better future for your kids, beat the back-to-school rush and reach out to us at Made Ya Smile The Woodlands, TX in The Woodlands, TX.

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