A Wisdom Tooth Extraction May Be The Only Way To Ease Dental Pain

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wisdom tooth extraction

Routinely offered for individuals in The Woodlands, TX, wisdom tooth (also known as third molar) extraction may be necessary for a variety of reasons. These teeth tend to emerge from the gumline during the young adult years. Once we have completed a thorough dental assessment at Made Ya Smile The Woodlands, TX, our talented team can decide when you need your wisdom teeth removed.

Numerous issues may contribute to the demand for third molar removal. Some of these factors include: impacted teeth, an abscess, periodontal disease, or third molars erupting at the wrong angle. In most cases, a wisdom tooth without the space to emerge will result in impaction. This may result in discomfort, an abscess, and other dental wellness issues, while raising your chance of having a viral abscess. In extreme situations, a lump can form near unerupted wisdom teeth, leading to trauma to the jawbone or nerves.

When the final molars grow in at an improper angle, it can result in the teeth pushing on neighboring teeth and maneuvering your teeth out of their typical positions. This will hurt neighboring teeth and jawbone, as well as result in alignment abnormalities. Likewise, our mouths might not have the room for these final molars. Whether or not it will prevent future oral health conditions, require urgent wisdom tooth removal, or if you just want to reduce the pain you’re already experiencing, wisdom tooth removal is a common treatment that our skilled staff often conducts for The Woodlands, TX individuals.

The highly trained team at Made Ya Smile The Woodlands, TX can perform wisdom tooth removal surgery conveniently in our practice. Based on your dental health, you could just have local anesthesia for your treatment; meanwhile, patients who may have several wisdom teeth taken out at the same time could receive general anesthesia. As soon as you're numb, the gum tissues near the extraction location are separated. When bone tissue is blocking access to the root of the tooth, it's taken away. When the wisdom tooth is incredibly impacted, it could be broken into pieces so it’s more effective to take out. The opening is completely rid of any debris. When the wisdom tooth extraction is done, the opening is sutured. Gauze is placed on top of the removal region to limit bleeding and support healing.

Often, individuals will experience some bleeding at the removal location. This might be controlled by delicately chewing on gauze patches. Recovery following wisdom tooth removal may take anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks. Discomfort may be eased by placing an ice pack on the face. Once day two of recovery starts, you may start to introduce warming relief options to feel more comfortable.

For the first day after the extraction, it’s essential to not remove the blood clots that will develop. Blood clots develop in the areas that the teeth were removed. Clotting is an important part of the healing process because they prevent extra bleeding, shield the area from disease and vulnerable bones, and let new tissue come in well. Try to avoid oral rinses, cleaning near the removal site, drinking hot beverages, consuming foods that necessitate any chewing, using straws, and smoking for no less than 24 hours.

Visit us to learn more about your procedure options when tooth discomfort is causing issues with your dental health. Our dental professionals at Made Ya Smile The Woodlands, TX can learn if you must have your wisdom teeth removed. Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment and approaches to determine the cause of your oral discomfort. Boost the look of your smile and quality of your oral health today when you arrange an appointment at our The Woodlands, TX facility.

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