A Few Ways to Take Care of Your Porcelain Veneers

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Porcelain veneers offer many perks for individuals wanting to get a more beautiful smile. When you have breaks, gaps, or stains, veneers can enhance your smile. Since veneers are placed precisely onto your teeth, you might need to adhere to a handful of extra steps to attain a healthy smile and make sure that your results last. Our staff at Made Ya Smile The Woodlands, TX desires to give useful resources that enable you to perform good oral hygiene. Please read through our five tips about cleaning your veneers or contact our dental center in The Woodlands, TX to find out more.

Keep up with a great dental care routine

Taking care of your porcelain veneers is very much like caring for your natural teeth. Following each meal (or a minimum of twice each day), you should brush, use mouth wash, and floss. While your veneers cover your natural teeth, you still have to practice good dental care techniques to discourage tooth decay. During your appointment, our team will review the most effective brushing and flossing approaches for your veneers to ensure that bacteria doesn't accumulate between your gums. The Woodlands, TX people should also receive regular teeth cleanings and exams.

Choose a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-stripping toothpaste

When brushing your teeth and veneers, you have to utilize a manual or battery-operated toothbrush that has delicate bristles. We also recommend abandoning particular kinds of toothpaste that contain abrasive ingredients, like baking soda and bleaching substances. Bleaching products may make your veneers look different from the remainder of your teeth. As soon as you initially receive your veneers, our team will precisely select the color to match the rest of your teeth. As a result of this, people frequently have a teeth bleaching procedure at Made Ya Smile The Woodlands, TX so their teeth look more luminous.

Avoid specific foods

One of the best things about veneers is you get to choose beverages that usually yellow the teeth, such as tea, electrolyte drinks, wine, or coffee. You could also eat good-tasting foods, such as dark fruits, sauces, and candy, without discoloring your teeth. However, you need to avoid eating ice or other crunchy foods that could fracture the veneer.

Invest in an oral appliance

In case you clench or grind your teeth throughout the day or nighttime, your veneers might crack. To avoid the troublesome consequences of teeth grinding (bruxism), you might be given a mouth guard. A mouth guard can help safeguard your native enamel and dental veneers from the uncomfortable effects of teeth clenching. Our The Woodlands, TX team will offer useful info regarding choosing the perfect mouth guard for you.

Schedule your professional dental examination and cleaning

A critical part of preserving your porcelain veneers is to attend routine cleanings and annual exams at Made Ya Smile The Woodlands, TX. Teeth cleaning is critical to your oral wellness because it reduces tartar and wards off cavities. Our The Woodlands, TX staff have helped several people with their dental veneers. If you require a professional teeth cleaning, or if you strive to find out more about caring for your veneers, please call for an appointment.

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