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Welcome to the Made Ya Smile blog, where our dental team is excited to share the latest in oral health information with our patients throughout The Woodlands, TX and beyond. Whether you wish to learn more about advanced procedures, like porcelain veneers or dental implants, or simply want to keep your family’s smiles in top shape, you can find something relevant to your goals and dental needs. Please explore the topics below to learn more about how you can improve your oral health and smile!

Can Lumineers Help me Achieve a Perfect-Looking Smile?

Our Team | 02/06/2024

Transform your look with Lumineers, ultra-thin veneers offered by our cosmetic dentists. Say goodbye to imperfections and hello to a perfect smile.


Dental Cleanings Can Help Improve Your Oral Health

Our Team | 01/22/2024

Teeth cleanings are vital for preventing tooth decay and gum disease, providing an opportunity for early detection and ensuring a healthy smile.


How Long Can the Dental Implant Process Take?

Our Team | 12/28/2023

Explore the dental implant process, a quick and effective solution for full smile restoration, with the experts at Made Ya Smile in The Woodlands, TX.


Can Porcelain Veneers Improve a Chipped Tooth?

Our Team | 11/17/2023

Porcelain veneers effectively repair cosmetic concerns, like chipped teeth, stains, and more, enhancing your smile with durable, custom-made shells.


Three Dental Concerns Corrected with Smile Makeover Treatment

Our Team | 10/24/2023

A smile makoever can address discolored teeth, gaps, misaligned teeth and more, offering a comprehensive solution in aesthetics and function.


What Qualifies for a Same-Day Dental Emergency?

Our Team | 09/15/2023

Same-day dental emergencies require immediate attention to relieve pain, stop bleeding, or save a tooth, and can range from tooth aches to trauma.


Get Your Child Ready for School with a Back-to-School Dental Exam

Our Team | 08/22/2023

Back-to-school dental exams ensure kids' teeth are healthy, boosting confidence and preventing future issues. A bright smile sets them up for success.


3 Ways to Maintain a Radiant Smile After Teeth Whitening Treatment

Our Team | 07/27/2023

After professional teeth whitening, you may be wondering how to best keep your teeth white. We're here with 3 tips on how to maintain your results.


Achieving a Beautiful Smile With Lumineers®

Our Team | 06/21/2023

Lumineers are minimally invasive, durable veneers and offer a painless route to a stunning new smile at Made Ya Smile Dental in The Woodlands, TX.


When is a Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Our Team | 05/10/2023

A tooth extraction may be necessary for your dental health if you are suffering from severely damaged or diseased teeth.


How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Smile and Confidence

Our Team | 04/27/2023

When looking to replace teeth and enhance your smile, Made Ya Smile in Woodlands, TX offers dental implant options to meet your unique needs.


My Teeth Are Uneven. Can I Still Get Porcelain Veneers?

Our Team | 03/16/2023

Porcelain veneers are an aesthetic solution for the correction of mild to moderately crooked teeth to provide Woodlands, TX patients' desired results.


When Is a Bone Graft Necessary with Dental Implants?

Our Team | 02/15/2023

A bone graft may be necessary prior to the placement of a dental implant in order to effectively strengthen the jawbone for more successful placement.


Transform Your Smile This Year with Invisalign® Treatment

Our Team | 01/17/2023

Start the year off on the right foot by getting fitted for customized Invisalign treatment for your smile.


What is the Best Age for Kids to Get Dental Sealants?

Our Team | 12/26/2022

Help your kid protect their teeth from harmful decay by scheduling them for dental sealants today.


Get Your Professional Teeth Whitening Just In Time For the Holidays

Our Team | 11/19/2022

People in The Woodlands can get dazzling white teeth for the holidays with both at-home and in-office solutions.


It’s Important To Practice Healthy Dental Habits This Halloween


Proper dental care is essential during the Halloween season, as you’ll come across plenty of candy and other sweets.


How Long Will My Lumineers Last?

Our Team | 09/13/2022

With proper care, your smile-transforming Lumineers can give you 20 years of functionality and eye-catching, brilliant smiles!


Here's Why You Shouldn't Wait to Get Your Tooth Decay Treated

Our Team | 08/08/2022

You may have tooth decay and not even know it. Here's why it's so important to schedule an annual dental exam and identify early signs of decay.


How Affordable Are Dental Implants?

Our Team | 07/08/2022

Dental implants are much more affordable than many people think. Our office offers many ways to pay for your treatment.


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